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1 million passwords may have been stolen

The team doing research for Meta revealed that more than 400 apps on Android and iOS platforms were designed to steal Facebook login information.

Speaking on behalf of the teams, Facebook officials David Agranovic and Ryan Victory released a statement about what happened. Noting that more than 400 applications on both platforms pose serious risks, the executives announced that they forwarded the data they obtained to Apple and Google. Facebook login information of 1 million users using these applications may have been in the hands of the application makers.


According to the team’s analysis;

– “Look like a cartoon character” themed photo editors

– VPN apps that promise speed and privacy

– Apps that claim to increase the brightness of the flashlight on your phone

– Gaming apps that advertise with 3D graphics too high quality for a phone

– Health, astrology and fitness apps

– Apps that claim to allow full access or hidden features on technology platforms.



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