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Is Popcorn Unhealthy?

Popcorn, which is obtained by the explosion of gin corn kernels with the effect of heat, is the favorite snack of many people. Especially popcorn, which is the best accompaniment to movie pleasures, can be prepared very practically and the cost is very low. So, is the popcorn that we love to consume harmful to our health? We researched for you…

Gin corn kernels explode and swell under the influence of heat, and this cookie is called popcorn. Popcorn is a very tasty, practical and inexpensive snack. Anyone can easily make popcorn at home. Everyone, big or small, enjoys popcorn.

Many nutritionists say that popcorn is healthy. But the same cannot be said for the popcorn you prepare with caramel, honey, mustard, salt, spicy, sauce and oil. Abby Langer “Popcorn is just a popped form of a grain. Some people see it as a harmful junk food, but it’s actually not. It has a lot of dietary fiber, and it’s pretty low in calories, even though it’s a little fat when popped. It’s also a bulky snack. Since it is a food, it increases one’s feeling of satiety. Of course, these numbers change when ingredients such as oil, cheese, caramel are added to the corn. If you eat three handfuls of oily corn, the net calories you will get increases to 192, and the fat reaches up to 15 grams, for example. Up to 5x… If you can’t limit yourself in how much you eat, make sure you make your own popcorn at home. A little coconut oil or olive oil and corn. That’s it. Put the first three corns in the pot. When they pop, add the rest, cover and stir constantly, Shake the pan ie Parmesan, salt, vinegar, hot sauce or your favorite seasonings and vegetables after it bursts. you can add The oil will add some calories, but it will still be much healthier than what you would get ready-made,” he warns people about popcorn.



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