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Exploring the Turquoise Waters of Grace Bay in the North Atlantic

The island community, which sends greetings to the Turks with its name, is actually called this name because of a type of cactus that grows within its borders. Apart from the shape of the cactus resembling the fez worn in the past, this place unfortunately has no connection with Turkey and is quite far from our country.

The archipelago group, which is essentially a British Overseas Territory, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world where it meets the North Atlantic Ocean. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that Grace Bay is the star of the entire list. Those who see Grace Bay never fail to declare it “the most beautiful place in the world”. Grace Bay, with its unique location in the Caribbean; The most beautiful and rare meeting point of Provo Island with the sea.

For a moment, you can visualize the turquoise waters spreading over the white sands with all their clarity. Thanks to its glass-like cleanliness and sheltered state, it can also give you the feeling of a swimming pool. The fine sand beach you can visit at any time of the year; It has luxury houses, expensive hotels, food and beverage venues and bars in its immediate vicinity. Both the people working in the area and the local people are very kind and helpful.

It is worth noting that September and October are unfortunately risky in terms of storms. During this period, even the islanders leave the region. Other periods of the year are suitable for visits in every respect. The language spoken on the island is English, so if you know English, you will not have much difficulty in terms of communication.

The Currency Used Is The US Dollar.

Casinos have an important place in night entertainment. We can state with certainty from the very beginning that island life is expensive. There are not many easy options here, such as public transportation or cheap hostels. You have to be subject to the choices and pricing of the island people.

Transportation is mostly provided by plane via the United States or Canada. The flight distance between Miami and the islands is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Therefore, you will definitely need to evaluate foreign airline companies at the ticket stage. For those who can spare the budget and time; Grace Bay is definitely an experience that adds value to life.



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