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Culebra’s Hidden Gem: The White Sands of Flamenco Beach

There is another legendary island beach on Culebra Island, located in the east of Puerto Rico. This place is also located right next to the national park on the island. The beach, originally known as Flamenco Beach; It amazes visitors thanks to the cleanliness and clarity of the sea water. Especially enthusiasts of scuba diving; You should definitely experience the pleasure of watching the glassy waters and the population of undersea creatures up close. The sand cover on the beach has a pure white color, just like Grace Bay in the Caribbean.

The island, which is also the address of a weekend getaway for those in the region, can be reached with a reasonable ferry ride. Houses surrounded by palm trees are definitely worth seeing and even experiencing. You also have the chance to camp on the island. If you enjoy being in touch with nature; Be sure to check out Flamenco Beach, one of the most important tourist attractions of Puerto Rico, famous for its rainforests. It is necessary to have an American visa to enter the country. Since it is not possible to fly directly to the country via Turkey; Flights are only possible with transfers to the United States. Finally; The type of foreign currency you should buy before you go to Culebra is American dollars.



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