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Five Places You Must See In Asia

The Asian Continent, the largest continent in the world, hosts millions of people every year with the colorful cultures of a wide variety of countries. There are so many surprising details on this continent, which has hosted many civilizations for many years!

While reading these articles, you may remember the Asian cities you have visited before, or maybe you are about to see the places you will be dying to visit next. Are you ready? A very comprehensive Asia travel guide is waiting for you!

1) Beijing, China

The first place you should see as soon as you step here is the Forbidden City, which attracts attention with its 9999.5 rooms. If you ask what a 0.5 room is, it is because the last king of the dynasty was a little child.

Then, Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street, egg-shaped Beijing National Theatre, Temple of Heaven, Lama (Yonghegong) Temple, National Museum of China and many more are among the other places waiting for tourists. Since it would take hours to visit the Forbidden City alone, we recommend that you plan your time well. Good news for panda lovers! You can see these big, fat and lazy animals at Beijing Zoo! You should definitely visit the traditional market on Walffujing Street.

2) Great Wall, China

The epically long Great Wall of China, which was once claimed to be visible from the Moon, has proven itself by being included in the UNESCO Heritage List and the New 7 Wonders of the World.

You can reach the walls in Juyongguan, Badaling, Mutianyu or Jinshanling from Beijing. It is also possible to reach these walls by public buses and subway.

You can climb the walls by cable car from Badaling. Of course, the cable car is not necessary; You can reach the walls with a half-hour walk. There is another very interesting detail about the Great Wall of China; The Great Wall of China is not only the world’s longest defensive wall, but also the world’s longest cemetery. It is said that thousands of workers who lost their lives during its construction were buried in the construction and even directly buried in the wall. It proves the myth that “human bones were used in the mortar of the wall”.

3) Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

Our third place suggestion comes from China, the pearl of Asia. There are many places from China on our list, which proves why so many tourists go to China every year. Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is a place known as the “forbidden city”. The reason why it got this name is that entry to foreigners was prohibited for a long time ago. During the time of the Tibetan ruler the Dalai Lama, he lived in Lhasa, the “place of the Gods”.

This city, very close to the Indian border, is located on a plain on one of the high peaks of the Himalaya Mountains. The climate of Tibet, nicknamed the roof of the world, is generally arid and has low humidity. Therefore, grains and dried meats can be stored for a very long time, and since there is no moisture, epidemics are not common. Have peace of mind while traveling! When you want to eat, there are Chinese and Nepalese cuisines waiting for you. “So when should we go to Lhasa?” If you ask, our answer will be “Any time except December, January and February”.

The first place you should see when you visit is “Rutunzi”, whose local name means “the meeting point of the mountains”, that is, the Potala Palace. Potala Palace, which was the winter palace of the kings and where the Dalai Lama stayed, was protected by UNESCO in 1994. There are two sections in the palace: white and red sections. While the white section is the section where religious leaders reside, the red section is the place used by the kings and has an architecture specific to Tibet. You can fly to Lhasa with connections via Kathmandu or Nepal.

4) Chiang Mai, Thailand

We also ranked Thailand’s most populous city, Chiang Mai, which means “new city”, in fourth place on our list. When you hear its name, do not only think of world-famous temples, Chiang Mai also manages to make tourists fall in love with its natural beauties. Who can resist this place with its unique mountains, forests, waterfalls, local markets and museums!

Moreover, these are places that have been discovered so far, think about the ones that haven’t been discovered yet! Maybe you’ll notice never-before-seen beauties while getting lost in its streets, who knows? The view of Doi Suthep park, the Mae Sa, Huay Kaew and Monthathan Waterfalls, Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium and the Tribal Museum are among the first places you should see.

May – August and October – January are perfect times to visit this place.

You can participate in outdoor events, including the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, especially between November and February. Good news, there are direct flights from Turkey to Chiang Mai, alternatively it is possible to go with a transfer to Bangkok. For detailed information about Thailand, you can check out our article 7 Places to Visit in Thailand.

5) Kathmandu, Nepal

We came to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, another place on the UNESCO World Heritage List… Don’t expect a quiet environment just because there are plenty of temples! Kathmandu is a very noisy and lively place, it is located a short distance from the Himalayas and contains historical sites that must be visited.

You should find the temples in Durbar Square, see the world heritage site of Boudhanath Stupa, explore Nepal’s most important Hindu Temple Pashupatinath and the Royal Palace, which became the Narayanhiti Palace Museum after the 2001 Massacre of the Royal Family. We recommend that you go to Kathmandu in spring, where winter months are cold and summer months are dominated by monsoon temperatures.

We also have a warning about accommodation; As you move away from the city center, prices may become more expensive as more luxurious facilities are built. There are small hotels and hostels in the city center. The choice is yours. You can go from Istanbul to Kathmandu with direct or connecting flights.



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