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Where To Eat Fish And Bread In Istanbul?

Eminönü is an indispensable touristic region for both its historical texture and those who want to shop. Eminönü, which is among the first places visited by both those living in Istanbul and those who come to visit, has become a reason for preference thanks to its famous fish bread. The taste of Istanbul, which is indispensable to those who taste it, does not taste the same no matter which city or restaurant it is eaten in, according to those who are passionate about it.

Fish and bread, which used to be sold on small boats in Istanbul, are now sold on boats decorated with traditional motifs in Eminönü. These boats, which look like they belong to the palace with the decorations embroidered on them, are designed according to the originals of the famous boats of the past.

Where Are The Fish Bread Boats In Eminönü?

The boats on the Golden Horn side of the Galata Bridge can be easily found with the smell of fish and bread surrounding Eminönü.

What Fish Is It Made From?

These fishermen, who used to cook bonito, now use imported Norwegian mackerel. Although these fish are oily and delicious, they attract attention with their cheap prices. Although fish and bread is among the indispensable street delicacies of Istanbul, there are also many options for those who want to eat at the restaurant. The restaurants under the Galata Bridge are also recommended for those who happen to be in Eminönü. In these restaurants, where you prefer fish and bread, you can also eat it for the prices offered in small boats.



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